Dec 17, 2008

My beautiful baby is sick!

Of course I am referring to my Dell. I have been tweaking it and the sad thing is Baggy Pants was always around to snap his fingers and fix it. Alas not now. I believe it is some type of Vundo virus. Kenny swears this is proof that the internet is one big government conspiracy to monitor our actions. Yes, he is schizo, but some of the statements that come from his mouth have a ring of sanity. This is a man who believes google is operated secretly by the "powers that be". Does it really matter? Everything we do is monitored these days by someone. Move across the pond and you are watched on every street you stroll by an electric eye. That is now becoming quite common in the US as well. There are really no woods to hide in, the lens probaby lurks in the leaves. I wonder about these viral infections, web bots and what-nots. Why create a virus? Why monitor my searches? I am a very boring person. Is there a Dell doctor in the house?

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the walking man said...

A dell is a quiet clearing in the middle of a forest...i swing through that place on my vine named Compaq using the At&T service which comes with firewalls and virus blockers...but try going to Start/programs/accessories/system tools/ system system restore and try to set the system back to a time before the virus was there. Either way do a virus sweep...if you don't have one go to and download one...if you do update it.