Apr 9, 2009

Now I know why the rent is so damn cheap!

You, too, can live in bucolic, rural beauty at a fraction of the cost of glamorous big city living. Just one thing. DON'T GET SICK!!!!!!! I think I could go purchase a lab coat and a stethoscope, get a sign and hang it on the hinges of my front door and hang a MD license on my wall fresh from my Dell printer and do a comparable or perhaps better job than certain ones I have met. I will not be blogging for about 2 days as I have to travel to get healthcare for my family member. I love my house, the lake and the quiet. Right now I would trade it all to be within 10 minutes of a John Hopkins facility. Very angry and frustrated. Learning words like trach, gastro and radiation. I know that anger comes before acceptance, but right now I need to get through this anger phase. My 65 year old mother can't even find a doctor down here because none of them accept Medicaid. Cash only. So I will be very busy between work and driving back and forth. I am taking tons of vitamins and supplements. The terror of being sick without adequate medical facilites nearby is scary. Please keep my family in your prayers.


the walking man said...

You're always in my contemplation Lori...now breathe damn it. Get ahold of your usual take no prisoners self and set about to the path before you.

Lori said...

I am. Augusta has pretty decent medical facilites. It's three hours away, but in 5 days, they put in a pacemaker, did the stomach feeding tube and the trach. It just got done this afternoon. The travel was worth it. Now comes part two. Radiation. I am learning my way through this maze. The prognosis is good. I am beat from being on the road and have to work a shift tonight. Thanks again for your ear whenever it's needed.

Patricia said...