Jun 17, 2009


You were unusual
One of a kind
Funny, funny looking and fabulous
All wrapped up in one.

You were unusual
Terminally unique
Difficult and determined, yet devoted.
Steadfast until the end.

You were mine
We rocked this life
Thoroughly, totally and together
The all star dream team.

I am alone
You told me about the arcs of life
Beauty, belief and betterment.
Unusual, unconditional you.


Lou said...

Lori, this is really beautiful. A tribute and a prayer in one.

It's sad to be alone as we get older. No one can replace the one we shared a lifetime of memories with, raised children with.

Perhaps you will meet someone again who you can call a friend.

the walking man said...

I couldn't wish to be remembered in any way better than this.

Lori said...


Thank you. I do call certain people friends, and I am truly blessed with good support. In regard to a "special friend" as a mutual blogging friend states, I have a lot of "muck" Lou. Right now I am just doing the one day at time thing. Be well..


Coming from you, the poetry man, ( remember Janis Ian?)lol, that seriously means alot to me. You would have liked him Mark.

the walking man said...

I know I would have Lori. If for no other reason than he was with you.

Lori said...

Ok, now the tears are coming.. I try to limit them to once a day. But thank you.