Jan 14, 2010

The Bible

Jesse and I finished eating dinner last night and we were watching the news. The feature story was the earthquake. We started talking about the "end times". He whips out his bible and goes right to Revelations. This kid blew me away with his knowledge of scripture. I have always known that he has been an avid reader of the Bible. Now I know that not only has this kid read the book, but understands it. I asked him what he thought about all the people who prophecy about the year 2012. He showed me in the Bible were it states that noone will know the exact date, not even the angels in heaven. Than we started talking about the events that must happen leading up to this event. We talked for awhile and than I asked him why he thinks God took Kenny. He said that Kenny was happy and for reasons we will never know, God decided it was his time. My late husband had his struggles with addiction and mental illness. When we moved to Georgia, he suddenly had peace. I just thought that is was rather cruel that God took him when he finally was content. Jesse told me not to dwell on the why's and how come's. I realized last night that my son has faith that is steadfast and can't be shook. He is secure in his faith. I went to sleep happy for the first time in a long time.


Lou said...

When we are steadfast in faith (and I'm often lacking), we never ask "why".

This was so cool...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That's so great to hear, Lori. What a smart boy you have raised.

I always thought the same thing about John Lennon getting shot. It was such a shitty deal because he was just getting so domestically happy and settled. I felt like he was cheated.

Love you!

Whitemist said...

may be the words, "and a child will lead them", have more meaning now.

Brother Frankie said...

dear dear sister,

now you are on my topic. dang i would love to sit with you and your son over a cup of hot cocoa and share the word.

i was just thinking about you and saw this post..

you are always right where God wants you. Your husband is an example. God gave him peace that he asked for so that he could leave in peace.

you are loved tremendously
unconditionaly, by Jesus, your kid and by brother frankie

the walking man said...

At least Jesse has a grasp on the texts now as he ages let's wait and see how he uses it.

Wisdom is found in the application of knowledge.

Sleep Well always

Lori said...

Lou- I thought it was pretty cool myself. We have our moments, but I know that his faith is steafast and unshakeable. That gives me peace of mind.

Sarcastic Bastard-I agree about John Lennon. I was 14 and cried. Jesse thinks God took Kenny because Kenny was finally content after struggling with mental health issues and addiction in his life. It doesn't make it hurt any less, but the answer proved comfort. I love ya too.

Whitemist- Out of the mouth of babes. I wish that we could always keep that youthful idealism that somehow fades with age and turns into being the nice cynical adults that so manyh become..

Brother Frankie-You are loved as well. Spreading the word can be done in so many ways. We would love to have you over for some coffee or cocoa. Anytime...

WM-I agree 100%. Lately my sleep has been restful...I hope yours is as well.

Brother Frankie said...

lori: u had better be careful what ya say!!!!

i know you know how us bikers are. There are times we just hop on the scoot and leave for a pack of smokes and end up having a cup of coffee 1500 miles away...

just sayin..


Lori said...

Frankie- That's why bikers are such interesting people. I bought my old man a 1972 BMW as a surprised when I was 23. I put the keys and title in the bag with his cheesecake from my work at the time. He was so surprised. We used to ride at 2am everywhere. Those are some of my better memories..