Jan 9, 2011

What does sunday mean to you?

To me it means going out for a phenomenal breakfast, LOTS of coffee, and thankfully not football. I will watch it to appease others who share our nations fascination with the damn game. I find out about my one job Monday, so please everyone, say a prayer, make a wish whatever works. Oh yeah, I learned one rewarding thing about parenting. When your kids get older they will def keep in touch. To ask us for money. Ah, the ties that bind. Happy Sunday!


Whitemist said...

At times I will watch football with some one, but never on my own - not my favorite sport, if you can believe it, as boring as some people think it, i like to watch baseball

Lori said...

Whitemist- There is no more boring sport that is televised than 'effing golf!!!!!!