Jun 21, 2011

Rollercoasters and Hippies

That is the first word that pops to mind right now. Right now I am on the best part of the ride. I am happy. I laugh. I cry. I am feeling everything again. Is this really what getting up each day amounts to? Seeing whether you are on the uphill ride or holding your breath til you are blue because you are ready to descend way down, way quick? The ups and the downs on the rollercoaster are wonderful and fun. I am 44. I think the stretch of ride that is on an even keel is what I truly yearn for. My ability to recoup is running out. Starting over constantly is not the adventure it was in my twenties. I am simply tired of the peaks and HUGE drops. I envy the old happy hippies..I see many in this quaint town. They putter and go for walks and their world still looks groovy. My world is groovy for the most part now. I am smelling the flowers, inhaling the nectar. I guess maybe tomorrow I might find an exquisite one and adorn my hair with it. Nah, I think tomorrow I will help the SIL (sister-in-law) with her garden. She suffers from depression also. We are healing each other. I got her to leave the safety of her comforter and sheets and get up and go out. I want her to sit beside me on the best part of the ride. PEACE!!!!


the walking man said...

Hey man you got to have some tie dyed T shirts and burn your bra if you want to be a hippie then dance naked while trippin' on acid (just remember not the brown acid)have a groovy day babette.

goatman said...

Puttering hippies . . . I love it!

There is much to be depressed about these days but we must look to the good and when the bad feelings come, ignore them and move on.
A shrink I once had positively freaked out when I tried to relate a story that depressed me. "Move on" he said , "why linger". I still remember his extreme (for him) reaction during that talk-therapy.

Lori said...

WM- Not the brown acid sir? Were you at Woodstock? God I love you. I do have tie-dyed shirts and when my back doesn't hurt I have no problem dancing naked. Burn my bra? You are effing kidding me...I have a rather nice set of girls and I swear it's because I have always worn a bra,lol...xoxoxo

Goatman- Puttering hippies are the best. They even have a shop in town called The Hippy Hut. Way cool. When you write about moving on, that is something I am just learning how to do. I have a bad habit of living in the past. Thanks for sending some good words my way.