Feb 4, 2012

Snow, slush and shit

I see the flakes coming down and watching the blanket falling and getting ready to spread doesn't excite me. I see the beauty of it, but bottom line, bad back + shovel = misery. There was a time when kids would knock on your door to shovel.  Not anymore.  I remember one snow storm my little brother made $400 in one day shoveling out the elderly in an upscale community.  The work ethic is drilled in our bloodstream. 

I have the blues and the music to go with it.  If you could write a brief blues song, what would the lyrics be?


Anonymous said...

"the blues are a bitch..

unless you are rich"

la, la, la..:)

Lori said...

Lou- I like that. Now we just need a wailing harmonica, lol. Love u.

JeannetteLS said...

Bad back, back breaking, bad weather day.
Gonna lay down the body, pull down the shades, just moan these blues away.

Lori said...

JeannetteLS- Welcome to my spot. I like your song lyrics. I am very fond of the old blues ie John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf etc. I shall pop over to your place and visit. Thanks again for coming here. :)