Mar 24, 2012


Yawn, stretch and coffee.  Saturday morning is here.  The household is asleep, even the dog.  I live for these minutes.  We went househunting and I discovered there are crappy neighborhoods here.  Dallastown and Red Lion are so quaint and cozy.  10 minutes away is York and the city.  We went to look at a house in that area.  It was like flashbacks from Baltimore.  The same decay and poverty that I left.  I have felt so insulated in my little neighborhood. My sis-in-law got scared and locked the car doors and rolled up the windows.  My skin is quite thicker, lol.   So we now know where we DON'T want to move to.  I made an appointment for Monday morning to look at a house in Red Lion that sounds like a winner.  Yes, Walking Man, I am getting good at this moving stuff, lol.  Hopefully this will be the FINAL move.  Home is important.  To see your memories and treasures on an end table or mantle gives you the sense that you are "Home".  The scents, flavors, laughter, and tears that flow through your house is like a nice, warm blanket.  Where I lay my head is my castle. My kingdom.  My home.  Peace and Happy Saturday!

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