Jun 7, 2012

Yesterday was a good day!

Once a month my two girl-friends ( who are sisters) from Baltimore come up to visit me in PA. They have always been my biggest supporters.  We wound up going to a really cool gardening shop, as usual, I bought stuff I didn't need, just wanted.  We are planning a girlz trip to Lancaster and The Amish country in a few weeks.  I can't wait.  I have bought some of their homemade preserves and baked goods and they were yummy.  A boy about 6 took my cash and made change.  I admire at how strongly they adhere to their faith. 

Tina has chilled out, thank the heavens.  I know how fragile she is, but yet strong at the same time. I run from drama and chaos.  I lived too much of it in my younger years. No desire to continue it as I grow older. 

The dog has her nose on my knee and it is twitching which means she has to pee.  I am quite the site walking her.  I am constantly staring at her butt to see if she is ready to "go poopy".  When I am impatient I tell her "Go poopy now dammit"...Than I put myself in her paws and wonder how I would like it if I was on the commode and someone is barking "Go poopy now".  So this dog, Harley has taught me patience, love and how to be silly.  Since I lost Auggie I never thought I would find that again.  Have a great day and by golly, go poopy when YOU feel like it.  Peace!


Whitemist said...

sounds marvelous!

Whitemist said...

not the poopy part - everything else!

the walking man said...

Having a good shit is marvelous...why rush one of life's certain pleasures; besides it's called walking the dog not walking the human.

bugerlugs63 said...

So glad things have calmed down some and that you had time with your friends. I admire the Amish folk too and would actually like to live such a simple life. I do try to keep it simple . . . it's the others that complicate it ;-)

luluberoo said...

always such fun to visit Amish country..I haven't been in years!

Poop is why I don't have a dog..;)

Lori said...

Whitemist- LOL, thanks for the chuckle.

WM- As usual, you are right. May you be blessed to enjoy your sacred poopy time!

Bugerlugs63- I, too, admire the Amish. You are so right about other's complicating your life. I literally left the state of MD. and moved to PA. simply to start over and away from any toxic or complicated people.

luluberoo- Anytime you want to hang out call me. We can go to Gettysburg, the Amish and the OUTLETS!! OMG, we have many outlets here and you can actually double your money shopping.
I promise, while here you won't have poop duty. xoxoxo