Dec 22, 2012

Sorry for my absence

Things have been crazy, insane etc. My roommates K and T and their daughter S have been going through it non-stop. I'm sure if you watch tv. you will see all the ads for prescription drug abuse. Well T is the poster child for that. Everything came to a head last week when he put his fist through a wall and ate 30!!!! Xanax at once. He was in a full blown benzo rage. He took the locks off his wife's doors so she had no "safe place" to go. All this happened during the week the house got foreclosed on. Yup, moving time. AGAIN. I also made another decision. I need to live alone. Just myself and the dog. Roommates and I don't have much success long term. I found out that her husband stole at least 100 of my pills. I'm thinking I'm insane and can't count. So the crisis has peaked. He is legally removed from the home. I am looking for a place for me and the mutt. This place will be picked carefully as this will be (don't laugh) the LAST time I move unless it is the coroner taking me out. So two steps forward and one back. It happens. Thank God I have the coping skills to deal with this. I love you all. Does anyone know what has happened to Lou's blog? I have been reading her forever and love her and her family dearly. Any updates would be appreciated. I love you all and am back to blogging. Wish me happy home shopping...sigh...Be well and HO HO HO


Lou said...

Lori, I'm fine (and the family also). I sent you an email--check your spam folder.

I'm no longer blogging because I just want to live my private, relatively sane life off the internet. Gods knows, I've said enough..LOL.

I do need to ask you something so send me an email with your phone number.

Love, Lou

Whitemist said...

never be sorry for not being here - it is only if you are okay that matters. I blog because, it helps me focus and stay rational or emotional, one of those!

the walking man said...

May you get your wish kiddo. I find that solitude is a two way street, sometimes you forget to vocalize what needs be said because you already said it in your head but then you are not responsible for the learning of others. Yes living alone, I can see that as a good thing.