Sep 21, 2008

Seen True Blood yet?

Sunday nights for me have always consisted of good HBO. For the last 3 Sunday's I have been watching True Blood, right before Entourage. I am hooked. It is about a southern bible belt town that co-exists with vampires. Crazy premise, but it works. The writing is delightful. A sign in front of the local church that says "God hates fangs". Love it. To me it really shows prejudice, this time not based on the color of your skin, but on whether you are mortal or dead. Instead of saying "I hate those fucking (pick your ethnic group)it's " I hate those fucking vampires"...yes, it's tv., but it sure beats watching Marriot's blow up, and political mudslinging. And now I must go cause Entourage is on and I love Ari Gold and Drama. My two weekly guilty pleasures.

Love, Peace, and HairGrease..Susan

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the walking man said...

Never had HBO, probably never will. In five years or so ask this question again, the re-runs will be all over. I may have a thought on this by then.