Feb 26, 2009


I watch alot of those programs on the Science channel and Discovery channel etc. Well there seems to be a mass consensus that on 12-21-2012 the world is coming to an end. My son gets very upset that I even watch these programs. I am always curious to aquire new knowledge, whether it is hyperbole or fact. The date they have come up with is based on the Mayan calendar, certain other notable forsee'ers into the future. They all come to the same date. I tried to explain to Baggy Pants, that even if this is true, and the world is going to end as we know it, what can we do? He is a child that believes fervently in the bible. He is familiar with The Book of Revalations (sp). My point to him is that no matter when the world is going to end, live your live today to the best and the fullest and be the best person that you are capable of. I personally think we have abused this planet to the point where it indeed might just shake us off and start anew. I am trying to teach him that some things you have control over, ie. yourself. That is what you work on. Events such as mass destruction, doomsday dates and things of that nature you have no control of. I could get hit by a car tomorrow. So I live today, cherishing the great moments, making my little contributions to keep our planet healthier, I think green is the politically correct term. I have enough stress in my daily life that I cannot make myself sick with worry about an impending catastrophe that I have no power to stop, if it is indeed true. There is some science regarding this. I believe it has something to do with planetary alignment, which could wreak havoc on our own planet. If that is the case, what can I as one do? I am curious if others have heard of this date and if so, what is your opinion? I certainly can't change planetary alignment. I can live a good, decent life and hope when my number is up, that my true soul is seen and I shall perhaps rise to a different place. It saddens me that throughout the last 20 years we have lived with such disregard for the very thing that sustains us, The Earth. If there is intelligent life forms out there somewhere in the Milkway, they must look at us the way we look at cockroaches. We spread and multiply and are undesirable. Again, just my opion. Just look at the way we treat our fellow man. How civilized can we truly be? I have always lived by the belief that there but for the grace of God could be me. I never forget the struggles our hardships. I always lend a hand, when I am able. Again, responses to this would be appreciated. Do you think this is just more panic tactics, like Y2K? I would be very interested in some feedback.


the walking man said...

Yes the date is becoming common knowledge due to discovery, History and other media...BUT, it is not that the world ends but rather the planets hit a perfect dead on Zero alignment in an unseen 13th Astrological sign.

The Mayan calender ends and according to the Mayan myths the world enters a new phase that happens every 12,000 years or so, a great shake up in the energies that govern humanity.

Which if you ask me could be a portend for good to begin to conquer the terrible evil that roams freely on the earth.

And like you say Lori, if the world were to end...*shrug* it could be worse, we could continue down the same path unabated.

Lori said...

Sir, I agree with your last statement 100%