Feb 6, 2009

Finally, some good news, Denny's does right!

I was reading on the plane about the promotion Denny's did, I believe on a Tuesday giving away free grandslams from 6am-2pm. I worked for Denny's for about 5 years and it was one of the best corporations I have ever worked for restaurant wise. Those free meals were appreciated by many. The lines were wrapped around the blocks. Sure, Denny's got alot of positive publicity, but they also made sure that for one day, everyone had a hot meal. Sure a grand slam isn't a full course meal, but when you are hungry, it beats a blank. I wonder if any other major chains will follow suit. I do believe it was especially appreciated in their South Carolina stores, where people have been not receiving their unemployemnt checks. Always nice to post a postive story for a change. Americans helping fellow Americans..especially corporate America. We live in a country where hunger should be non-existent. Change always starts with one, one person, one belief, and one motivated person to make it happen.


the walking man said...

No matter the motive Lori, free food is free food.

Lori said...

Exactly. I hope more major corporations follow suit. Most of the profits in restaurants come from beverages anyway. If I remember my Denny's days correctly, they make more off of one soda than a grand slam. Moot point. People ate for free that day.