Feb 7, 2009

Thank you and have a nice fucking day!

Just finished cup of joe number one, starting on cup number two. I have been contemplating the way people speak, more so now than ever, since we have moved to the deep south. I have never been one to use lots of flowery adjectives when speaking to another person. I prefer concise speech, straight to the point. Which made me wonder why everyone considers "fuck" such a dirty word. I have learned in my 42 years that in certain situations that is the only word that is suited for certain situations. When the World Trade Center got bombed I think FUCK was a pretty appropriate word. When Wall Street got their free pass, again, FUCK, a very suitable word. Since moving down here I have been spoken to so politely, and properly, knowing that the person who is speaking is actually saying "Fuck You", just in their own way. I personally would rather have someone tell me to fuck off, than utilize a bunch of wasted words when they could get straight to the point with two. I have always agreed with the late George Carlin. I think missle is a much more dangerous word than shit, piss, fuck etc. I was told at work to slow my speech down to improve my tips. In this area, speaking quickly is considered abrupt. Sorry, but when I am waiting on a four top and the dude in suspenders can't decide between an 8oz Rib Eye or a 120z Rib Eye, I do try to expedite the situation as politely as possible. Because while Billy Bob is trying to decide which steak he wants, I am watching my station getting loaded with more tables that are needing my immediate attention. I am smiling on the outside, saying "Take your time sweetie", but on the inside I am saying "Fuck fuck fuck". "Pick a damn steak already asshole". For me personally that is how I relieve stress. I curse, like a sailor, a drunken sailor who's only vocabulary consists of profanity. I have just learned through maturity and age, to keep the majority of my cursing on the inside. The English Language is amazing. There is a word for every occasion. Numerous words. The best part is that because I am an American I can use any word I want, when I want. At least it is supposed to work that way. I have to be at work this morning at 10am..Ah shit...need more coffee. Have a great weekend everyone.


the walking man said...

Quit billing yourself as a waitress Lori, Take on the sobriquet of Poet.

"What do yer do?"

"I'm a fucking poet."

"Wonderful use of language."

"Fuck you."

Lori said...

I am a constant chronicler of my thoughts. Some offensive, some not, but they are my fucking thoughts, so that is the whole basis of why I write. Fuck you too, (said with much love)