Mar 31, 2009

Am ramblings

I wonder what today will bring? Joy, happiness and peace, or stress, angst and misery. The daily coin toss. I believe that my mindset has alot of control, but in the casino of life, you can be smokin' hot one day or crapped out the next. I really hope the next few weeks the dice are blazing and my roll is SWEET. Don't mean to compare my life to a Vegas casino, but that is how it feels. Just when I get on a damn roll, they switch dealers at the table and The Widow-Maker arrives. I shit you not. That is the roller coaster called my life. Lately I am learning to hedge my bets, and be thankful when I break even or remotely close. There is always the option of going postal when my mind fragments, but I am too much of a pacifist by nature. Plus, I don't think I really know how to shoot a gun, so that rules that bright idea out. When all else fails, I just drink an assload of coffee until my head rings crystal clear. Caffeine and I have quite a splendid relationship. Nothing happens in this house until I ingest my first cup of java. My family knows it and God Bless 'em, they have learned to deal with it. I can feel the black brew burning into the pit of my stomach and the clearing of my mind is starting now as I type. Maybe it is going to be a good day after all. Hail the aribica bean!!! That magic bean is the only reason I am going to be able to get into my magic bus and go to work. Have a great day. May the cards fall correctly today.


the walking man said...

Queens over jacks busted by kings over tens. At least we show up to play Lori, and with our own coffee to boot.

Lori said...

Always up for a game of chance..stay well my friend, in all form ie, mentally, spiritually and physcially.