Apr 2, 2009

The Big C has now invaded my life

Well, I know have a new battle to deal with. A certain family member of mine has been sick with what they originally thought was a thought infection. This member has been to the er twice in the last two weeks. Well now the Xrays were faxed to this nameless family member's primary care doctor, who referred him to a throat specialist immediately. The special st called yesterday and said to bring this person in asap. (This member asked me not to post who they are on my blog so I am respecting their wishes). I mentioned that I would not be able to pay the copay until Friday. They said don't worry about money, just get "person" into office. They are willing to work out payment arrangements. According to the X-Rays there is some type of growth on his throat that is interfering with his/her ability to eat. I am going to wager a biopsy is the next step. Why did this befall my household? I am scared to death. That is why I haven't been commenting and writing as often as usual, between work and this new situation. Trying to be strong and get myself prepared for whatever news I might hear this afternoon. So please everyone, keep my family in your prayers. I will update tonight. Thanks for everyone who is supportive of my little rantings and online babbling.. It keeps me sane.


the walking man said...

Lori...why did you assume the worst?

The answer makes no difference, what is up? That's the only answer that matters.


Lori said...

They did an emergency biopsy yesterday, the doc said he would wager very strongly that it is a cancerous tumor just because he said due to his training and knowledge that is his opinion. They did the biopsy yesterday, and are aleady making plans to start the chemo and radiation. The good thing is, is that it isn't in his lymph nodes. Thanks so much for your care and concern. I am going to post an update on my blog as soon as I get some strength. xxoo Lori

the walking man said...

Right here waiting Lori.

Lori said...

You would be surprised how much comfort is gleamed from kind words. Thank you.