Mar 16, 2009

I love slang

I was raised in a house where proper English was a must. The word "ain't" simply was not allowed. Since becoming an adult, I realize that slang is important. It defines cultures, people, the young and old. I am of the generation where I still say "What's up my brother?" Remnants of the peace and love generation. My son loves that ghetto slang, although he is improving. I have now learned some new slang. It is a cross between ghetto and hillbilly. I can't understand a damn word my one neighbor's son says. He is white, speaks black with a hint of latino thrown in, and speaks so fucking fast I just nod my head. He calls his girl mama, his friends cuz, and after he guzzles a few beers a conversation is not possible. We were cooking ribs on the grill tonight and he sauntered over to say "Howdy" and chat. He is a baggy pants wearer, the difference is he wears flip flops with his baggy pants. That would be unthinkable in Baltimore. The word "tote" is used instead of carry here. "I gotta tote that damn thing from here to there". Yonder is also used quite frequently. I am slowly getting the hang of it. I still say hello. I am not a Howdy kind of girl. However I have gradually learned that people are taking me at face value and have been friendly and welcoming. I just hope my son doesn't start wearing flip flops and saying "cuz".


the walking man said...

Hey ya'll comeon down from them hills and see the pork get to smoked. Sure nuff the ring is gonna be a quarter inch in time for it be done.

That's gonna be some fine eatin' sure you can bring the fixins

Lori said...

Oh God, you got it, spot on. Not all people, but quite a few. Certain areas do remind me of the movie Deliverance. Nah, it's not that bad, I am just being snotty. The young girls I work with are nice and a few are going to college. They all have the dream of "getting out". I remember that feeling. The balls of youth, how big they are.

the walking man said...

...ain't that the truth!