Apr 21, 2009

Sheeps, wolves and God

Strange thing happened yesterday. There is a huge baptist church right down the street from our little hut. Well the main pastor pulled out front to speak with out neighbor. She wasn't home. Guess who's door he than knocked on? Yup, mine. He came upstairs and grabbed Baggy Pants and we all sat and prayed. I don't be live in chance happenings in life. Too cynical. According to this pastor, God mixes the bad and good for the ultimate purpose of self-betterment. We might not understand the intent or purpose at the time we are going through our trials and tribulations, but there is supposedly a higher meaning. I admit to feeling comforted by this man of the cloth. He than gave a little speech about how we are like sheep, and that as everyone knows sheep aren't the brightest animals and need to be herded and guided, for their own good. I see sheep mentality everyday in my life. Only sheep would have allowed the current goings on in our current world situation. We trust in our herder, the President or whoever is in charge. I beg to differ about sheep mentality when I get my mouth on the phone with people in charge of the red tape, trying to fight about the jurisdiction of cancer treatment. I turn into a rabid wolverine who must protect her family. Don't spoon feed me false words that I have the intelligence to know are false. Yeah, there are quite a few sheep out there, but I have to believe in my heart that there are enough wolves willing to fight the good fight for the betterdom of the society in which we live in. When my fangs spring out, at least I make no false pretense, unlike certain government people who just continue to be wolves in $3,000 suits and go to the dentist to get their fangs nice and pretty for the press. Perception is reality. I perceive that I am going to win this fight about treatment. Power to all the people who still believe.

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