Apr 19, 2009

Staying level in unbalanced times

I am getting my rhythm back. Some people thrive in uncertainty, chaos etc. Not I. Those days are far away. I need a steady rhythm, just like a heartbeat. Structure and being on point in my life work. Different strokes for different folks. I have til Thursday morning to be the full time provider of care, than my "patient" gets re-admitted to the hospital for a period of time to start the radiation. My work has been wonderful and accommodating. I am taking 3 days a week off to drive to Augusta and spend time up there being the cheerful visitor and provide some light through the gloom. I go insane without a game plan. Now I have one and the chest pains are loosening up a tad. My dog is my numero uno buddy. He is the best listener. We go for our morning strolls in the early am and that is when my world falls in order. As we stroll. The dog seeking out new scents, me seeking peace. The walk is for both of us. This situation made me ponder this point. How many couples of this generation get married and truly understand what for better or worse actually means? I have doubt. I am a loyal human being. If a bottom needs wiping, it gets wiped. That is what you do for someone you love. I look at the young ones that come into my work, the newlyweds still glowing from having sex 5 times a day. They are in the "for better" stage. I just don't see young people having the wherewithal that my generation and up has. The stick to-it-ness. So many of us in the 40 and up club are blessed. I wouldn't trade the era I grew up with for anything. I am a good, loving person. I have compassion for others. Those qualities are sorely lacking in this new breed. Ah, the aspirator is calling and chores abound before I go to work. After today I am off til Friday. Time to make these last days at home comfortable and nice before the re-admission. Kudos to anyone in the nursing field. I have a brand new respect for nurses. They should get medals, especially those who work in chronic care. Peace Out.


the walking man said...

Sex 5 times a day? i knew I missed out on something in my wayward youth.

Don't fear for the next generations Lori, everything we define they may have different words for but they will age as we aged and grow as we grew and they will settle as we settled.

It is a good thing he has you...a medal for your strength.

Lori said...

OH stop, lol... This is what marriage means to me. This just happens to be the for worse part. I keep telling knucklehead 6 weeks of discomfort is worth it to be brand new. I know, I am not the one with the feeding tubes and temporary trach. I just need for my own peace of mind to keep that light at the end of the tunnel. As far as the sex 5 times a day, I do believe I would run and hide these days. Not on my top list of priorities these days.