Jul 15, 2009

Savannah Bound

Yes, I am exploring today.. Don't have to go back to work till tomorrow. Can only wallow in sorrow for so many days. Savannah Ga is historical, probably the most similar area to Baltimore next to Atlanta that is down here. There is actually a mall!!! I have to knock out a trip to the doc with my mom first, but than I want to see this city I have heard so much about. I can only hide in my master bedroom for so long. I have made a few friends, one in particular who keeps threatening to kidnap me and shake me out of my funk. So I am making an effort today to be pleasant and wide-eyed and curious like I used to be. I feel so lost in this big world. I have never been alone. Baggy Pants grieves in his own way, which is to himself. So I reach out when the moments present themselves, but we are both going through this struggle in our own unique ways. Oh yeah, receiving a blessing from the insurance company from that accident last week. God knows the money will come in handy. My new attitude is to count my blessings and try to move forward, but God, the process is slow. Have a great day. Oh yeah, I will publish my first Flash 55 this week. Have it all written on a pad on my desk. So be be prepared. Have a great day one and all.


the walking man said...

Make sure you get to the historical neighborhoods where the folks have kept the houses pristine, beautiful.

Lou said...

I would love to see Savannah. I dig old houses.

Yes, the whole wide world is a lot better than the world wide web.

Lori said...

WM- We went to the part that is referred to as Southern Savannah. Looks a little more Suburban-malls, cafes etc. Next week I am going to explore the historical part.

Lou- I,too, love old houses.. I love antiques. Refinishing them etc. I guess it's like fixing broken people. Furniture it seems is quite a bit easier to fix and shine than flawed and dented people.