Jul 4, 2009

So busy, no time to write

Been a crazy week. Oodles of stress. I go through "withdrawal" if I don't get my am time to myself to write. Especially when I come home from Baltimore and arrive back in Georgia. I looked around at Baltimore through clear eyes this week and I know in my heart that is just isn't the place to get to where I need to be. I am really waiting to see what's up when my friend moves down here and opens up that recovery house. That is the first thing that has sparked any interest since I have arrived here. I wish I could get out of this slump. Work is about money. It gives me purpose. What happens after I punch out? I am tired of shopping. How many pocketbooks and shoes does one chick need? I have clothes. Don't really need them, as I don't go anywhere. So for now I shall just try to keep focused..Eye on the prize. I just wish I knew what that prize was....Peace..


Lou said...

I sure hope that recovery house is a direction that works out for you. It would be more than "making money." You would be giving back and have a sense of satisfaction about what you do for a paycheck.

Or you would go freakin' crazy dealing with a bunch of screwed up addicts.

You be safe, those hillbillies love their firecrackers..LOL

the walking man said...

just wish I knew what that prize was....Peace..

Read that sentence again.

Lori said...

Lou- To be able to help recovering addicts with life skills, (my job would entail teaching basic Microsoft Offics Skills etc) would be incredibly rewarding. She moves down here August 7th. So we shall see. Thanks for the warning, lol, McDonalds even closed early for this damn holiday in this little town.

Mark- I guess my prize would be to see my son self-sufficient and happy. Personally, I still have alot of venom towards the VA hospital which I am dealing with in the American Way. The state senator is investigating the death for negligence, which will be proven. Everything is documented Mark.. I just signed the medical release form and a written statement by me. So who knows what the future holds. I just know that no man deserves to be treated as collateral damage due to sloppy and negligent medical care. Peace out boy scout!!!