Aug 10, 2009

Do you really care who is screwing who?

I have noticed a disturbing and irritating tidbit. That Jon and Kate couple are in the news everyday. Why? That man and woman made numerous children and now are riding the wave of celebrity. The Jon man is quite popular with the ladies. I wonder what his flock of children think when they see photos of Daddy with his new female companions? I also want to know how this qualifies as news. People are dying from lack of healthcare, there are wars going on, the economy sucks, yet when my homepage lights up on the monitor, the first photo and news topic I see is about Jon and Kate. Fornication is old news, read the Bible. Lets get on with some newsworthy topics please. Oh yeah, after this news topic, underneath it was some rant about Lindsay Lohan and her weight. WTF???? Maybe the definition of news has changed since I went to school.

1 comment:

the walking man said...

Nope don't really care. Just glad that the dad hasn't decided to become a porn star. Well hasn't decided yet that is.