Sep 10, 2009


There are people in your life that you will encounter who are toxic. Their fumes creep into your nasal passages and take over your senses slowly but surely. I have learned a hard lesson that some people simply don't change. Wishing doesn't make it so. There are no magic wands for people such as these. So I am learning that I must protect myself from the toxic ones. They wear devious smiles, always ready with a story or explanation, because whatever mess they create, it is never their fault. If you are not healthy for me to be around, please go away. My life is complicated enough. I have no room in my life for people like you.


SICKGIRL said...

Amen to this. Never has a truer statement been made. Self-preservation is absolutely critical if one wants a successful recovery.

We are now a society who regularly rids our bodies of damaging toxins, so why would we ever need or want, never mind allowing these toxin individuals the luxury of tainting our own personal space, to poison our atmosphere?

peace, love and happiness...


Rachel said...

Isn't it fabulous that as an adult you can pick and choose who you want in your life for the most part? I just realized that a few months ago! There is such freedom in letting go of the toxins ;)

the walking man said...

Preservation of self is the first necessary requirement for a sane life.

butterflies said...

Yes there are lots of nasty ppl who are toxic like you say.
Just dont let them get you down!!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

Brother Frankie said...

sounds like yer learning bunches.. there should be a law that those toxic people where shirts with skull and crossbones.

be blessed hun


Lori said...

Sickgirl- nice to hear from you. What you wrote is the truth. I am done with people who have nothing positive to offer in my life.

Rachel- Yup, that is the best part of being a grown up. Isn't it wondeful?

Walking Man- Self-preservation is indeed the most important lesson I have learned since my husbands death. I shan't forget it either. Thank you for always lending an ear and good sound advice.

Butterflies- I will not ever again let negative energy or people in my life again. Thanks for your comments.

Brother Frankie- Wouldn't it be neat if we could have a third eye to see beneath all the bullshit? I am working with my intuition. The T-Shirt idea is a good one.