Oct 15, 2009


I have a true love of music. All kinds. A real soft spot and affection for delta blues. I can play the piano a little. Very little, because I stopped playing for many years. I wanna learn how to play the harmonica. That way when I get upset I can pull out my harmonica and instead of talking I can blow into the metal and everyone will know how I am feeling instantly. It would probably stop me from cursing to. I am sure there is a real nasty chord or something. Life is starting to turn into one big musical anyhow. I'd like to see congress just one time sing liken an opera. Sort of like a Fiddler On The Roof of politicians. I know, my mind is twisted. It would certainly be more amusing than what CNN is currently showing. Now I am off to 7-11. Ironies of life? Today is payday. I started on the last day. They held back last week, I only have one day on my first check. That's ok. Before I belt out "I will survive"...I have to get in the shower...Have a great day. What instrument do you play if any, or would like to?

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the walking man said...

I'd like to hear the congress sing in the soprano key seeing as they are all nutless and castrated by big money.