Nov 22, 2009

Made it to the end of another work week

Whew, go in at 1 and get off at 6 tonight. Gravy.. Don't go back til Wednesday. I can breathe. I am working a double on Thanksgiving. I am so sore. I am starting to feel my age. But I also feel the green paper in my pocket which actually makes my back feel better...LOL...So it's off to the shower, put on my happy uniform, and happy face and smile for 5 hours than I am DONE!..Than I can be my usual super bitch self on my days off. Actually I plan on having a very peaceful two days off. I have some good books. I am really pissed that I missed Stephen King's book singing in Baltimore. Right down the damn street from my house. I would have loved to have a signed book from him. I am not a huge horror fan, but I have always had a fondness for his writing. It's not typical slasher horror. He actually can write. I have a few new authors I am reading. That is what brings me joy. Peace and quiet and my books and camera. My digital camera is very special as Kenny had bought if for me when we moved to Ga to capture the beauty of the lake. It was also his way of showing us that we were starting to get ahead financialy and could start buying a few nice things. So the camera is very special to me. Time to rock n roll and be the nice waitress. Question of the day...Whatever happened to Baby Jane?


Pookie said...

I love your question of the day; what DID happen to Baby Jane? That movie and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte have long been two of my absolute favorite classics. Now THOSE were horror movies! Not those slasher things that pass for horror movies nowadays.

I'm a Stephen King fan too, have always loved him.

Whitemist said...

Two days off will be refreshing!

Lori said...

Pookie- I was soooo disappointed that I missed him. The Slasher films of today are just not suspenseful. You hear that same music and you know what is going to happen. I like Hitchcock too.

Whitemist- Yes, they will my friend.