Dec 24, 2009

The Dawn Does Come

The nights are so damn bleak.
I dread them.
I squeeze my big dog for comfort.
I take a Xanax.
I sleep.
I wake up.
Something happens.
It's still early and dark.
In my heart though, I know I will see the cusp of sunlight arising.
The heaviness in my heart leaves.
Hope comes back.
I anticipate a new day,
full of promise.
I'll stay by your side
I will be your mother forever
I love you.


the walking man said...


Findon said...

have agood chritsmas lori, thanks for stopping by. take care

Lori said...

WM- I wouldn't trade the peace of the early morning for anything. That is my sanity.

Findon- Merry Christmas...I enjoy your blog very much. Have a wonderful holiday.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

For me the nights are the best part. My mornings are such a struggle. I do not want to get out of bed.

Sending love and peace and rest to you,