Apr 28, 2010

Sorry for lack of posting

It has been hurting to type so I have been taking a sabbatical from the keyboard. Going back to work today, finally. I am going to do short shifts and hostess until my arm is healed. I never realized how shitty tv is until I watched it this week. My mother visited and she loves the show The Duggers, and the other show with the little people. I guess there aren't any more real actors nowadays as everyone seems content to be a voyeur, watching everyday people live their lives out. I tried to share her enthusiasm and watch her shows. The Duggers have too many kids for me to focus, and the little people are just....well...a show about vertically challenged people and their daily lives. I fell asleep during both shows. The one show that I do enjoy and always have is The Dog Whisperer. This man loves dogs, as do I. I have always felt that animals have an ability to gauge a person's character. If my cat or dog didn't like you, than there had to be a reason. Soon I shall visit the animal shelter and pick out a new dog. I miss the cold nose and the snuggles that come with a dog. Forgive my lapse in posting. This week has been horrid. Being home I thought I would at least be able to write. Time to get ready for work. Be well, be happy and find something to make you smile today!


the walking man said...

Hiya Lori...take it easy on the wrists.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The Duggars are a bunch of damn nuts. That woman is just crazy for putting her vagina through the trauma of that many births.

I hope you do not have too much pain and stress at work. Try and take it easy.

The dog is an excellent idea. Pets are better than Prozac, if you ask me.

Love you, Lori.

Whitemist said...

Never worry about not posting, life gets in the way and some times it is good that it does and sometimes it is not so good.
Keep well Lori!
Best of luck finding your new companion!

Lori said...

WM- Actually I am. My social worker suggested applying for SSD. Between my emotional health and my physical health, she thinks that is my best option. So I am going to go for it.

SB- I agree. That poor woman's vagina has been through hell. I just personally think we are overpopulated right now and why bring so many more people into this fucked up world. Just my crazy opinion.

Whitemist- Life does get in the way, sometimes too much. I need to find a stray to love and care for. It is the nurturing part of me.