Aug 15, 2010


Just got discharged from the hospital. I have been in there for two weeks! Turns out I had severe pneumonia. They said I have had it for over a month now for my lungs to be in the condition they are. I have 40 staples in my back. If I would have waited 2 more days I would have died. The main cause of my sicknes???? The heat and no air-We are now moving on Wednesday morning when slum man is at work. I can't take a chance of a relapse I have always been a relatively healthy person and my days of worrying about others people who don't give a flying fig about are over. This is about me and mine. From now on that is all I care about. First and foremeost I tam taking care of my me because if can't take care of me nothing else will move forward. I love and missed you all.....xxxxoooooo


Sarcastic Bastard said...

God, Lori. How scary! You are right--you and yours come first. Please take care of you.

You are precious. I know that's a somewhat sickening word, but it's true, goddammit.

Love, love, love,


Whitemist said...

I am glad you are okay now. Pneumonia is something that can take a long time to get your energy back from, after all breathing is essential and not breathing is not an option. Take care of your self!

Whitemist said...

i hope my earlier comment took...take care!

Lori said...

SB- It's not a sickening word. They said if I would have waited two more days I probably would have died. I will no longer take my health for granted. On a happy note I went to rent court yesterday and they threw my slumlords case out. Boo Yaaaaaa!!! I love you too sweet pea.

Whitemist- Yes, your earlier comment took. You are right. Breathing is a necessity. I am taking care of me for once. I can't believe how long I was in the hospital. Sheeshhh.. I am sure compared to what you have been through 2 weeks is nothing. It was long enough to give me new respect for my body and to start treating it with more care. You be well also...xxoo