Dec 30, 2010

And so a new year is upon us...

What a year, huh people? I moved out of my house and I now rent a room from a couple and am finallhy at peace. So I finally got unpacked and settled in my new place and now can blog away. I just realized that I didn't need that big house. It attracted to many needy people who needed a place to stay and it just became too much of a headache. So now I have a nice room in a beautiful apartment. Noone can get in unless I buzz them in. I like that security feature. I am starting to find my happiness and peace. Now I am NOT moving anywhere for a long damn time. I still have things in my old house that I need to bring here, but I am almost done. It's always a long strange trip, but I am really enjoying the journey. Peace people's.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad to hear from you. Happy that you have your own peaceful space.

Happy New Year, dear friend!



Lori said...

I found a room for rent that is only $450 a month and everyone leaves me the hell alone. Perfect.Here is to a great 2011 for all of us. xxoo