Aug 20, 2011


My life
A contradiction
Chaos and confusion
Sunshine and joy
Needles and pain
The slow process
of healing
It never ends
Self destruction
Than my own reconstruction
I no longer want to be the thorn
or the poison ivy that spreads
to all around me
I want to be a simple white flower
My own seasons
Getting high from the early am breeze
There was a time I wished to be a poppy
Oozing sticky sap
to lick and wallow away in..
I prefer a pretty white flower


the walking man said...

Line 16 change am to either AM or morn (or equivalent)--good little piece this morning kiddo.

Took me a bit of catching up, been out of town for a bit. Glad to see your shit got straighter, now go back and finish the job with the expungment. And I was 56 when I realized I wasn't 18 anymore.

Lori said...

WM- Thanks for the tip. Also, thanks for the complement. You also made me feel much better knowing it took you til age 56. I am 44 so you def cheered me up this morning. Hope you enjoyed your trip out of Detroit. xoxoxo