Aug 15, 2011

Got the blahs

Yes, I sure do. Sometimes reality just smacks you in the face when you want it to disappear. My old ways of making the blahs go away are no longer acceptable to me. Sometimes I get jealous in an insane way of how easy it is for many people to escape through chemical means. I have learned through much pain and anguish that the relief is temporary and the consequences are worse. So now when that feeling comes upon me I pick up a book, watch a movie or write. It works. I am learning that no one in this world has a perfect pain free existence. Everyone gets the blahs. I think I am finally learning how to deal with them in a much healthier way. Time to get ready for work, blah...


Whitemist said...

I know the blahs well, usually i cook them away - new recipes old favorites. okay the eating helps also!

Lou said...

This made me are coming into your own. I feel it in your words, and I'm truly happy for you. It's been a tough journey since Kenny died. God bless, Lori.

the walking man said...

Dress in a Tutu and go dancing down main street. Guarantee your life will liven up some.

goatman said...

I don't know why, but rain seems to bum people out. It is raining as I sit -- not right where I sit, but within five feet -- and it just relaxes me; a bit of reading, some music,and a nap perhaps: "listen to the rhythm of the falling rain . . . ." (thanks Johnny Rivers)
I guess we have to ignore the negative feelings and know that its a flow and things will change.

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Lori said...

Whitemist- nice to hear from you.. I have to lock your link in my bookmarks..You are right. Cooking does help, but when I get tooooo down, I don't want to wash the dishes. So I prefer to cook when I am happy. Again, glad to hear from you!

Lou- God Bless YOU! Your journey has been quite a bumpy one as well.

WM- Yeah right...In this little town I would make the paper and god forbid maybe arrested. It simply isn't proper my love. I'd rather dance naked in my house...smooches..

Goatman..Sometimes I love the rain. I actually write better when it is rainy and overcast out. I tend to be more self-aware. Just was having one of those days dear.. Be well..