Sep 6, 2011

Postal Crisis


goatman said...

We have several post offices here in the country which could be closed with no great distress to the community. But I think that takes an act of congress, literally!

I miss the music?

Lori said...

Goatman- I agree with you. I think maybe they could cut back an extra day of the week with no delivery. Congress is already fighting, I believe. They are talking bail-out.

LOL- Regarding the music, don't despair. I am making a new playlist. I miss reading a new poem of yours ;) (touche')

goatman said...

Indeed, I am pondering and drifting on a poem.

I am now watching the Postal service hearings on C-span. Our Sen McCaskill is trying to save some of the post offices due for closing. She opts for people to write more letters. Don't know if that will work considering e-mail.
I would go for the 5 day delivery also. Business is against it since they are open on Sat. (Most are open on Sun also but no delivery doesn't seem to be a problem for them on that day)

Stay happy