Dec 5, 2011

Today vs YesterYears

I have always been happy for people who do well. Especially loved ones. About once or twice a month I go out to dinner with a friend of mine and he does treat me very well. When I come home, I can feel this energy, like " It must be nice". That sort of thing. I work and go out two weekends a month. That is my life right now. It's kind of a bitterness thing. We both love each other and I guess it is normal for jealousies between two women to occur. I am very generous. Always have been. When I have it, everyone I love does too. Oh well, I had a pretty decent weekend with friend. Basically just relaxing and talking. We did the usual dinner (fetticini alfredo with blackened chicken) and breakfast thing. If I can bring some sunshine into a very lonely person's life I consider that a good thing. In the last year he has been there for me like a rock. He is a true blessing in my life, plus I get the best history lessons as he has lived through just about everything. He was born in 1937. This world today seems so foreign to him. He is a member of MENSA and became a securities lawyer in his middle 50's. I watch him deal with how fast this world moves vs. when he was growing up. I almost get jealous knowing all the life experience he has had. He told me that he honestly is ready to die as he has buried everyone he has loved in his age realm. His kids all live in different states. He goes home everyday to an empty 4 bedroom colonial house. That was the house that he, his first wife and their children lived in. Lots of ghosts. So if I can bring some happiness to this man's life I believe that is a good thing.


Lou said...

This sounds like a good relationship for both of you. Company, conversation, no expectations. Nice for everyone.

goatman said...

You area a true citizen of the world, a gentle soul.
I have been meaning to thank you for my introduction to the playlist. That music player is the neatest thing since spherical bearings!
Be well.

Lori said...

Lou- It's nice to have a friend with good sense that you can talk to. It can keep you sane when you need it most! Be well my friend. xoxo

Goatman- My soul is gentle, except when I get dumped on a little to much. I love the music player. I was just picking songs to re-publish it. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your ok. I have to stop by and see you...Be well also my friend. Peace and love!