Feb 14, 2012

Clean And Sober

Some good news.  My older son has come to Dallastown to visit.  He has been clean since January of last year.  We haven't really been talking until recently.  When he walked through my front door last night, I knew.  He looks healthy and sober.  I enjoy his company tremendously whenb he is "right".  Plus, no mother wants to see their kid self-destruct.  Thankfully he isn't a convicted felon so the job market isn't shut down for him.  He will be 27 in May.  I pray he stays this way.  Many people don't learn for years down the road until the majority of their life is wasted.  I finally have a somewhat decent relationship with both of my boys.  That is only because of my own journey.  I take my blessings as they come and don't bother to ask why.  I am just thankful.  Peace!

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