Feb 25, 2012


Felt good to sleep in this morning.  The coffee tastes wonderful.  My friend is enroute to spend today and tomorrow with me.  We usually go out, have a nice dinner and talk.  Than, because he lives 3 hours away, we get a motel room and he will go home around 1pm tomorrow.  He is 74, born in 1937.  His name is Joe.  His parents came here from Poland.   Joe is very lost in today's modern world of technology and prompts, and virtual phone advisors.  It has now been one year that he has been unemployed.  Everyday he gets up and goes to the library diligently looking for a job.  He told me that without a job he would rather be dead.  He is a securities attorney.  I try to be encouraging.  He really wants a seat on the Pennsyvania Securities Commission.  He has been going to country club dinners etc., trying to network as you need a helping hand to get this particular position.  Ironic isn't it?  Half of the population can't wait to retire and here is an elderly man who would rather die first.  3 of his kids live in Florida and one in N.York.  He tells me I am his only link to sanity.  I do get great history lessons.  So, time to get off my behind and start getting dressed. Have a great weekend!  Btw, this Kool-Aid ad was in 1937,  Joe's birth year.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself lady. You can help each other, by being company for one another...and by listening.


Lori said...

Listening seems to be the main thing that an elderly person needs. That is what makes him happiest.