May 28, 2012

Tiny routers and such

Always save a spare router.  Seriously.  Comcast will be here this morning, supposedly.  Hmmph..for all the money I pay I better get a lap dance along with tech support.  So I come to you via my old Virgin Mobile router that I saved.  Turns out that I still had money on my account.  That was a decent surprise. 

Same old same old this weekend.  My friend came over for the weekend.  Now that the house looks like a home, we, Tina, Joe and I had our first formal sit down dinner this weekend. Brand new dishes and everything.  There is something to be said for a pretty table.  It went well. 

Today is Monday and everything is closed.  (Except Comcast, lol)  Yes, this is a very boring post but so is my life at times.  I am slurping coffee and chain smoking, but I figure my long dog walk will make up for it, kind of a health ying/yang thing.  I do walk twice a day, early in the morning and when the sun goes down.  All kinds of things have been known to happen when the sun goes down.....Peace!


Lou said...
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luluberoo said...

You didn't tell us what you made for dinner? It was likely very nice for Joe to have dinner at your house, and meet Tina. It shows you are not ashamed of him or your relationship.

Comcast sucks! Hope they show up..;(

(deleted my other comment. Still trying to get my wordpress/blogger ID's straight!)

Lori said...

luluberoo- I have never been ashamed of him. I just didn't want him to come in and see the house a mess. Oh yeah, pork chops and salad and baked potatoes. Comcast did show up thank God. Love you miss..

the walking man said...

Bullshit on the routers I want to hear about the lap dance and whether you enjoyed it or not?

Lori said...

WM- Sigh, no lap dance, but I did get a super nice tech, who gave us extra cable and hooked everything up nice. I'll take that instead of the lap dance, lol!