Jun 1, 2012


Today is the 3rd  anniversary of my husband's death.  Yup it's been that long.  20 years with someone is a long time.  His death shook me.  Many of you were there with me.  I will never forget the kindness of strangers in Georgia who showed up at my house because "That is just what we do here ma'am"...True southern hospitality.  They brought hams, turkeys, pies....Kenny would have loved it.  The biggest irony in his death was that the move to Georgia brought him and I so close.  We had a lake with a little canoe, we were clean and sober and life was just getting sweet.  Why God chooses when he does, only he knows. 

So today I will clean the house, and remember. I cried for a few minutes this morning and than wiped the tears because I know he is in a much better place right now.  I have been watching the news lately and what I see scares me.  Cannibals in Florida and Md???? Wtf?  My nephew went to school with the one boy in Joppatowne, Md.  He calls it the Zombie Apocalypse.  I don't think Kenny would like to live in this world.  That is why he chose a secluded home on a lake that was rather isolated.  He was done.  Done with row homes and neighbors. No more "Associations" with their rules.  He could sit on the porch naked and no one would see.  Our dog could run like the wind with no leash..( I feel like singing Born Free, but I'll spare you). 

The journey continues without him.  I never would have thought the story would take this turn, but their is always a new twist along the way.  That was more like a crash, but same principle.

So here is a toast to life and death and the journey...Salud!


Annette said...

Im sorry for your loss. I am glad you had that time of seclusion together in a beautiful place though. I understand that idea of wanting to step outside of all of the rushing and chaos of society. A lake with a canoe sounds pretty darn nice.

bugerlugs63 said...

Hi Lori, I didn't know about Kenny as I've only been here a year (ish).I can see why he would want a canoe and a lake rather than the rat race.
As for Zombie Apocalypse, I've not seen the news lately, but I know a lot of the recent popular Tv series are glorifying "Zombies", "Vampires" and the likes . . . hideous.
How long clean and sober time did you have together? I hope you don't mimd me asking you Lori.
Hope your day goes well.
Love to you x

luluberoo said...

Three years already...wow. I'm glad you have found acceptance Lori, and I'm glad you had that good time together. He was a good man.

I like not knowing what twists life will bring..give me the surprises anytime, both sad and happy.


the walking man said...

Honey as long as you remember you have him with you. You know this because you still know what he would think about every situation that comes up.

It's a good thing your son wasn't some damn persons feast!

be easy kiddo and rest.

Whitemist said...

all aniversaries are both sweet and painful - enjoy the most of the sweetness that you can

goatman said...

I hate anniversaries: they never end and seem to accumulate!
But I guess that it is necessary to remember. Sad day . . .

icyHighs said...

No harm in a little cry; perfectly healthy. I'm glad you're dealing with this as well as you are, and the story about folk dropping in is a wonderful anecdote. Keep on keeping on, Lori!