Sep 6, 2012


Getting settled in my new place. I still love sis-in-law and consider her a dear friend. We simply are two very different people. I am in walking distance of the old house. Her and I were joking about sharing custody of the dog. Crazy, huh? We both have sons. She is praying her son starts to turn into a man and become self-supporting. My son (not my older one) wasn't welcome in our home. Neither was my friend Joe who is 74. Joe would arrive Saturday night at around 7pm and we would go out to dinner and maybe a movie. We came back and off to sleep we went. No raucous bedroom behavior. Simply isn't possible. Than we would wake up and go out to breakfast and he would go home by 2pm. most times as he doesn't like to drive after dark. That was too stressful for her. It just always felt like it was her home as she had 52 years worth of furniture and whatnots. So I basically lived in my bedroom. I have accumulated quite a bit of my own things since moving to PA and my room was getting cluttered as I didn't want to disrupt her design in the rest of the home. Anyhow, bottom line, I think, and she agrees, that we will be better friends now that we aren't living together. So now I am on my own. I rent from a couple with a beautiful baby who will be two this month. She is adorable. It breaks my heart because she has now figured out that "Auntie" lives downstairs and she will beat on the upstairs door to let her dad know that she wants to come visit. They tell her that I am home and she can visit later. So now instead of spoiling the dog rotten, it is now a beautiful two year old. The living room looks like me and so the bedroom will soon as well. I go pick up my new work schedule today at 2:30. Very excited. As I write these words I see how far many of us have come since we all started writing. Maybe there is something wonderful about a bunch of "mad women scribbling"...Peace!


luluberoo said...

This sounds wonderful..your own space without the drama. The job is interesting too, can't wait to hear about it.

I love what you wrote about the changes we have all been through. Life flows on! Who knows what tomorrow holds. Whatever happens I'm glad we can keep in touch.

bugerlugs63 said...

Good for you Lori. The freedom of living alone and the bonus of remaining friends with your Sister-in-law too. A win-win situation . . . And a new job! and a new "neice" . . . can't wait to hear more.
Much love from another "mad woman scribbling" ;-) x x

the walking man said...

Live free in your mind and do whatever is needed to find what others helped you lose.

Annette said...

Oh my gosh Lori! Your own place!!! Whoo hoo! I can just feel how wonderful this must be for you. I am so happy for you....your car, a new job, your own many successes!

Lori said...

luluberoo- Who knows what tomorrow can hold indeed...It is nice to have a living room and a bedroom. Shared kitchen priveleges/bathroom. I am accountable to me. No more dealing with others drama. The job is pending, waiting to get my definite confirmation. So that is the only thing I am not 100% on. If it falls through, I know that I am capable of working anywhere. The glass shall remain half full..xoxo

bugerlugs63- It does feel wonderful.I think that there is something to be said for all of us "mad women scribbling"..It reminds us that we are not alone on this big globe. That is enough sometimes just to keep me going. Be well and be strong!xoxo

WM- If I didn't live free in my mind, I do believe I would have went insane. Thank you for always being around and listening and offering decent, honest advice.

Annette- As I replied to Lou, the new job is not confirmed officially yet but it looks good. My life feels like a puzzle, but God gives me the pieces to fill in when he is ready. I don't ponder the mysteries that much anymore, I just roll with the flow like the willow. The journey continues...xoxoxo