Oct 2, 2012

I'm so in love with you....

Rocco. Yup, I have managed to keep my plants alive for over a year. Theres a saying in recovery. Before you have a relationship, get a plant. If you keep the plant alive for a year, get a pet. After a year with the pet, than you are ready for a "live person". Of course I don't always do things in the correct order, but so be it. I am as happy as if I gave birth. Since Auggie I haven't had a dog. I shared Harley with sis-in-law, but it's not the same as having your own. Plus I do like the advantage of him being so young so I can train him the way I want. I am rambling, so let me start in order. Jay had stopped up two nights ago with this beautiful Rotty puppy for me to check out. I fell in love, so he brought the dog back to his owner and told him that I would take the puppy. He has had all of his shots and his tail has been docked and he has already been checked out by the vet. He shows no signs of having future hip diseases. The best part of this whole getting a puppy situation is this: There was a time when my son wouldn't trust me to take care of a goldfish. The fact that he brought me this puppy let's me know that he has noticed the change through the years. Jay knows I am responsible and can be trusted to take care of this dog. That was a better gift than Rocco. The gift of Jay finally taking me seriously and knowing I have been stable for a long enough time that we now have trust in our relationship. One day at a time, or one minute at a time. The payoff is tremendous. Peace!

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