Oct 3, 2012

First Photo


luluberoo said...

Those eyes have the look of a true friend!

And I love the name.

Life is so freakin' beautiful.

the walking man said...

Meow. hahahahaa Never be a cat lady when you can have a good dog around!

ruby-tuesday said...

Hey there,

I've just found your blog.
I am a recovering heroin addict and also have anorexia/bulimia
I recently started writing my own blog and it has helped me so much

I'll look forward to reading more

Your puppy is cuteness personified x

Lori said...

luluberoo- He really feels like a true friend. I have been busy doing puppy duties among others so trying to catch up. Life is beautiful my friend.

WM- WOOF! Cat lady isn't in my blood. Canine all the way. I do appreciate cats but they are simply too aloof for me. I require to much attention, lol...xoxo

ruby-tuesday- I am so glad you found me. Writing is the one steady thing that has helped to keep me sane. I shall stop by and check out your words. Rocco says thank you very much..

Syd said...

So cute!