Oct 9, 2012

Life is sweet

Rocco and I drove to my friend Joe's home this past weekend. 2 hour ride. I had to drive through Lancaster PA. The Amish were hard at working, selling their wares, along with all the commercial souveniour shops. So many pumpkins and squash. Made for interesting driving. Fall is in the air, jack frost making guest appearances on my morning windshield. This was the first time Joe has invited me to his home. He has always been embarrassed about the state of the inside. He is a now 75 year old man who is quite messy. A collector of books. The home is gorgeous. Picture windows that let you peek at the deer in his backyard. There are books everywhere. Joe has a true love of the written word. Do the math. His age x books...Yup, they are all over his home. Piles and piles. He could no lie, fill a small county library. I made a big fuss over the beauty of the home. He was afraid I would judge him on his sloppiness. Ha, ME? Seriously? I am the last to judge. I have resided in beautiful homes, hotels and hovels. I judge no one. There but the grace of God... So we went out to a very nice pub/dinner place. Ate the best damn hamburger I have had. ( I confess, I have had many a burger in my day) We split a home-made peach cobbler and I had a yummy Bailey's over ice. In the am. I started cleaning. He and Rocco had hit it off from the beginning. Joe and the puppy played outside. He looked happy. I have a feeling in my gut that he is getting his affairs in order. Joe wants me to clean his house. Put some order to it. He pulled out a silver tea serving set he wants his favorite daughter Jane to have. I left wistful. Here is a man who has known nothing but hard work his whole life. He spends his weeks at the library perfecting his resume and searching for work. We both know that this is futile but I am playing the game. Sense of purpose folks. I actually felt ashamed at how many years while he was hard at work, I was a total hedonist, living for the moment. On the way home I could feel my eyes drooping so I pulled into a trading post. Parked next to a horse and buggy. Yes, I did. Purchased a coffee, ok an iced coffee with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Rocco and I streched legs and paws than finished the drive home. I have learned many things in my two year friendship with Joe. The most important one was this weekend. Don't waste time. Living is but for so long....Make it count. Peace!


Annette said...

What joy you must bring to your friend Joe. Acceptance and care and friendship.

luluberoo said...

This is a special relationship where you both give to each other. He does not judge you, you don't judge him (or anyone else).

It sounds morbid, but he needs to let his kids know who gets what--I've seen so family fights over "the stuff". He can write it down and have it notarized if he feels weird about it. His house sounds lovely, it must be in the country.

Lori said...

Annette- We keep each other sane, lol.. I hope when I am 75 I have a good friend to converse with and share a decent meal, just sometimes enjoying silence...Hope all is well with you. xoxo

luluberoo- Lou sweetie, he is like me and you. Blunt. The kids know pretty much what goes to whom. He also has a lawyer that he just went to see who has a copy of his will and knows who the executor of his will is etc etc. I tease him and tell him he can laugh from above at how silly his kids will act over certain items. His home is an antique collectors dream. I shall email you a pic of the house. It is quite a lovely (and pricey) area. Rocco loves it there. He is more excited about seeing the dog than me today I think...God Bless xoxoxo