Aug 3, 2009

Billy Jean and some more shit...

I understand that Michael Jackson has passed away.
What I don't comprehend is all the interest in his death.
Every news magazine and tabloid is all about him.
Yes, I used to enjoy some of his music.
That was pretty much it.
There are plenty of eccentric folks everywhere, so his personal antics,
they never interested me.
Many things of importance are currently going on in this big world of ours.
I just don't know where daily updates on him are that worthy
of print.
Plus, there is all this "shock" at the numerous medications
and presriptions etc.
That is not news folks.
That is what it is.
So now the witch hunt has started for the horrid doctors that prescribed
him everything and anything.
In the end, he was the one who made the choice to ingest any medications.
So to me, he was responsible and only him for taking them.
He drug-seeked and he found.
That just doesn't seem newsworthy on a daily basis.
I want to read about what is going to happen to my healthcare, the housing situation,
anything and everything except about him.
Whatever happened to rest in peace?


the walking man said...

I turn the channel ALWAYS...I have this philosophy of letting the dead be dead. The stupid among us can fight the fight over whether Elvis has left the building or not and who gets a taste of what he left behind.

Lori said...

I turn the channel probably right after you do...