Aug 7, 2009

Can U Feel It????

Can you feel me being happy today? Yes, I woke up feeling incredibly blessed and thankful. I had a great night at work last night, got a special bonus in the mail. The sun is shining and I feel God smiling. I don't have many days like this as of late. So I am taking time to rejoice and share the "mood". Every time I feel like like wallowing in the mire of poo, God taps me on my shoulder and says "Hey you, kiddo, shake it off and count the blessings you receive"... I might also add that I met a girl who turned out to be a coke dealer and she was very persistent and enticing. Guess what, I just laughed and said "Oh no thanks, haven't done coke since the 80's" (a lie) but it worked, and I came home all money and funds and sanity in tact. The best advice I ever got recovery wise is that as soon as someone offers you drugs, (when you are clean and sober is when they are freely offered) make the word NO spill from your lips before any other word. That was the best advice I ever got in my life. I have used it many times. I am also feeling happy because in about 3 weeks I am moving back HOME.. An old friend has a nice house with a mother-in-law apt for my mom and two rooms for Baggy Pants and I. It is exactly what we pay here. In civilization. I am not built to live in the south. Just to damn blunt and I am tired of saying yes ma'am when sometimes the right response is "Would you fucking order already"....Sorry God for the profanity. Working of curbing it. I have prudently banked my money so I have two months to find a job and I just am going with my heart. Plus, my brother-in-laws unemployment runs out next month, which cuts their income down in half and I want to run out right before their money does. Just kidding....(I think) Kenny got to die in a beautiful place, but it is too painful to come home to the house and bed he died in. I don't care if it takes years but the VA will pay for what they did to him. So just spreading sunny thoughts and sunshine to everyone who reads my babble and please, count your blessings. Even when they don't seem to amount to much, you are blessed each and every day.

Peace Out.


Lou said...

Good for you girl, moving back home. I tried the south too, just could not take it. When going to WalMart is an all day social outing, something is WRONG...LOL

Sounds like a win/win for all involved. I'm happy you are happy, and I count my blessings every day.
(When I have time..I have so many it takes me awhile)

Lori said...

Lou, my love, you are blessed. The good days have been so few and far between as of late, so when I stretched and pulled my curtains, I just felt it within. You know when God is nudging you along.

Lori said...

Lou-BTW, you are SO right about the highlight of the south being Walmart.. I thought it was my imagination. You just confirmed to me that I am not going insane.. Thank you very much.

butterflies said...

Good one for making a BIG decision.
The hardest thing is to know what we need to do and setting about doing it.

Im glad youre feeling better:) have a great weekend.

the walking man said...

While we lived in the hill country of Virginia my wife had a local grand dragon of the Klan ask her out on a date.

"Where on earth would we go around here?"

"Wal-Mart honey, all day long and you can buy anything you want."

Hey Lori you gave it a shot...*shrug* I guess the heart is wherever home is. I do still after all live in Detroit.

Lori said...

Butterflies- Thank you for your warm wishes. Decision making is always hard. Finally you just have to do it.

WM- I am so glad your wife chose not to go out on that date with the grand dragon. I think you were the wiser choice.. Oh God thanks for the chuckle. I really do get an A for effort on this one. Home is where the heart is..My heart simply is not here...Maybe if you and the wife get bored you can put a sheet on and chase her around the house..JUST KIDDING!!!