Aug 6, 2009

Emailing Faux Pas

Yup, I did it.. Sorta like a drunk dial. I was up bright and early yesterday responding and sending emails. Well I screwed up in a huge way. I love my brother in law dearly. For the last months they borrow at least about $100-$300 a month. They always pay me back promptly. Well I was emailing a family member and I the word I used was vulture. Guess what? When the drop down menu hit to give me a list of people to send the email to, I accidentally sent it to him. I got the hurt feelings phone call late last night. Some people say there are no accidents in life. Their household brings in twice as much as mine. My income is totally dependent on how many people I can get to by a $22 steak. So I can't figure out why they must come to me monthly to borrow money. That's all. I feel horrible about hurting his feelings. This is my late husband's brother. Kenny is the one who always warned me about his brother. I appreciate very much how his brother stepped up to the plate when Kenny got sick, but I should be the one borrowing money from them, not the other way around. His wife is on SSI plus gets a settlement check every month. He doesn't work, because he was savvy enough to marry someone who has a nice fixed income. He also collects unemployment. So I just was having a bad morning looking at my finances and it came out. Sometimes I think the subconscious has more control than we know. That was more than a Freudian slip. I really don't have the balls to hurt people's feelings in public unless I am bordering on incensed. So word to the wise, when you send an email, check again to make sure who you are sending it too.


Lou said...

Lori, I call bullshit. It needed to be said, maybe they will see how selfish they are being.

Live within your means, darn it!

the walking man said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha Send a two line mass e-mail.

"Does the truth hurt?
If so, change the truth"

Brother Frankie said...

ahhh, it has happened to us all..

i once sent a text message (sext) to my wife at work. forgive the crudeness..

it read..

i love your cute butt, i want to kiss it when i see you...

i sent it to a pastor friend of mine accidentally..hes a hairy guy too.

one of those moments that make ya wanna isolate for a year or two..

Lori said...

Lou--My mother clapped her hands and lauged when she found out what I did. I just don't like to hurt people's feelings. All of their appliances are from rent a center's. That alone should say something about their financial wizadry (sp).

WM-Did I tell you I adore you yet today?

Brother Frankie- Oh geez, you just made me feel much better about what I did, sorry...Now the pastor must wonder everytime if you are gazing lustfully at his rump...

Brother Frankie said...

at mens prayer he always adds,

and lord, please help frank with his inappropriate sexual attractions and acting out..

we get a good laugh, still a lil embarrassing to say the least..

what awesome is these guys accept my normal guy that screws up sometimes self.. and love me anyway..

(the money they spend on rent a center could feed them and another family and still pay cash for appliances if they just saved it up for 6 months.)

lets commit to 30 days of prayer for them.. im up for it, whoever wants in let me know.. i bet u see a change.

be blessed

Bro Frankie

Brother Frankie said...

i just sent you an email, i called you susan.. i dont know why..

heres the prayer calendar..

im corny sometimes, but it works for me..

Lori said...

Brother Frankie- That's because my name is Susan Lori.. I have been exposed. Dammit your good..