Aug 27, 2009

Just a silly question...

OK, from time to time I like to ask a question on my blog. Here goes: Why do YOU think people gossip? The reason I am asking this is because I realize that so many people spend so much of their time talking about other people. I used to be a horrible gossip. Than one day I realized it simply was one of my bad habits and I made a serious effort not to talk about other people. My son was the one who taught me. A few years ago he heard me on the phone and he said "Mom, you sure do talk alot about other people". That was my moment. When he and I converse it is with the condition that we don't talk about other people. Baggy Pants is a funny duck. He holds firm to certain beliefs. He is 19. Just like everyone, he has good and bad qualities. The good ones that he does have though, I admire tremendously. So that is how I broke my gossiping habit. Please respond as I am very curious. Gossip is harmful in the workplace and among families. I await your replies. Peace.


Lou said...

People gossip out of boredom,
to make themselves look better,
to steer attention away from their own dirty laundry.

In a hospital, there is ALWAYS something to gossip about--affairs, divorce, plastic surgery, you name it. It is just awful. I couple years ago I saw gossip for how mean it is, and just like you, I said I'm breaking this bad habit. Now when people say "did you see so and so got another day off, etc" I always "hmm, I don't know anything about it". They go find someone else to talk to then;)

Whitemist said...

I think my talking about other people with still other comes under the heading of did I do the right thing in a situation with that person, so I am looking for direction or assurance. Talking about some another person's life with out me being involved is just complaining or boring. I actually do not think i do that.

the walking man said...

People have always is nature to not have someone to talk about so you ca feel so damn superior. E-televison and even the nightly news feed and grow the addiction. *shrug* Every word from the mouth either upholds the speaker or flames the speaker.

Rachel said...

I hate gossiping. Yes, I've done it, but I think the above comments say it all.

One of my favorite proverbs says:

"Those who gossip with you will also gossip about you."

butterflies said...

I never spread gossip or tell tales.
When I was about 12 my mother was on the phone to her best friend who had found herself pregnant at 50.She wanted to have an abortion but my mother talked her out of it.
She swore mum to sooner had mum put the phone down than she rang another one of her friends and told her!!!
Even at such a young age I knew that was terrible to betray anothers trust in you..I hated my mother for that but it taught me to never gossip or repeat anything that a friend told me in confidence.

I hope that the job hunting is totally sucessful :)
Praying for you too..

Lori said...

Lou- I imagine every job is it's own Peyton Place. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in an ER. I usually find one close friend at work and that is who I choose to confide in, when we reach the point that we are more than just work associates.

Whitemist- I understand. Sometimes my girlfriend and I will discuss a mutual friend if we are worried or concerned about her. I think that is ok. There is nothing malicious about that.

Walking Man- I, as usual, think you summed it up nice and tidy. Now, with technology gossip is spread so quickly it is impossible to stop. It is up to us to decipher what is the truth.

Rachel- I think that proverb you quoted is one I shall use to remember when that situation arises. Sometimes the bible keeps things so simple, it really is the "good" book.

Butterflies- The reverse happened to me. My son watched me hang up the phone and when he called me a busybody, I say myself through his eyes. He was right. That is what made me stop.

Thanks everyone for your commments.