Aug 24, 2009

I am here to let readers who are interested that a fellow blogger has published a book of poetry and prose. I just received mine in the mail today. He has captured the essence of Detroit so wonderfully and through the eyes of a survivor. It is brutally honest and beautiful. So I am sharing the info in case any bloggers would like to purchase a copy. It is reasonably price at $9 and I mailed my money and received my book in 4 days. His writings are intimate. I shall treasure this book as I have been reading his blog for many moons now and consider this man a friend of mine. So here is all the info...Good reading awaits. Thank you Walking Man for making my day today. Your book is now on a shelf with my other bound treasures.


Lou said...

I'm taking my copy on my trip with me next month. I'm so looking forward to sitting by the ocean and reading it!

Lori said...

I read it yesterday as soon as I got it. I was so tickled to get it. He captured his city wonderfully. Now I don't have a book to read on my flight Sunday :(. I read the one you had sent to me, and really enjoyed that one also. Books are treasures.

the walking man said...

Thank You Lori. I appreciate what you said here and for pimpin' me with style.

As soon as the editor chicks get rested up we'll look at another project.

Lori said...


No problem. BTW, I LOVED your personal inscription. That made the book twice and nice. Thank you.