Nov 14, 2009

Rain rain go away...I have to go to work today

I just read a fellow blogger's post about being retired and it made me think. What the hell would I do if I didn't work? Watch crappy tv? Eat too much? Sit on the computer ALL day? The only goal I really would like to pursue is travel. London Calling. Since I was a little girl. Other than that though, I think I truly enjoy working. No matter where I have worked the workplace becomes an extended part of my family. This job is special to me as I just came back and have known many people there for at least 10 or so years. I feel safe there. I enjoy most of their company. My parents generation lived for retiring. The only retired people that I have met that are truly happy are the ones who were financially prudent and saved so they could actually live their dream. The economy is making it hard for retired folks. Walk into any Wal-Mart in the USA and there is the smiling senior at the door to greet you. I always wonder if they do it to supplement their income or for a sense of purpose. I have worked since I was 15. Except for two years in my life, having a job was a given. I happen to know most of the Wal-Mart greeters on a first name basis. I spend too much money at that store. I always hope that if I show them that their job is important it might brighten their day. Yes, I am weird. The karmic wheel rolls constantly. I wait on some very nasty people as well as nice. I smile at all of them. Even the ones who are known motherfuckers. I refuse to give a miserable human the satisfaction of making me miserable. We had a girl show up to work last night high as a kite on heroin. Thanks to her "highness"...I got to take all her tables while she kept explaining to the owner that she wasn't high, just tired. Than I remembered that was me many years ago at the same store. Ironic huh? She is also a re-hire. Begged for her job back. She reminded me last night of how I want to live my life. Every night I come home I have this man/child staring at me asking me how my night went. Than we eat, talk etc...I also can tell that he is checking me out, to make sure I am "right". He is like an elephant, he never forgets. Don't know how I got off on the retiring topic, just happened. I guess I realized I must be prudent and wise with my earnings or instead of traveling when I retire I will be smiling at you when you walk into Wal-Mart. *Nothing wrong with that*, just not what I aspire to for my waiting golden years. Sarcastic Bastard, if I ever meet a man I will burn his socks if they are black.


Lou said...

You are right on about the last generation. All they talked about was their retirement. All they do now is go to the doctors (the ones I know). They make a whole day out of every appointment. They spend 1/2 hour a day just taking their's like they retired and gave up on life. My father in law was only 58 when he took a buy out from Ford, and went to Florida to sit around in a trailer for the next 20 years.

I'll be with you at Wal Mart, working the deli counter;) We can sit and drink free coffee on our breaks.

Whitemist said...

It is a rare person who knows what it is they will do when they "retire", most do not. I am strange, I do, but am not allowed to by those who employ me, ironic.

the walking man said...

Retirement...ha ha ha even when you don't work for money the work never ends.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That was a good one, my friend.

Love you!

Lori said...

Lou- My mother is a prime example. She spend all her retired time going to doctors and figuring out supplemental insurance. My late husband warned her that because she wasn't prudent early on in life, her retirement would consist of basic survival and not much more. Doctors dread her calls. She went to the ER three times in one week for attention. I shall be right there with you working.

Whitemist- At least you know. When there is a will there is a way. I admire and respect how much adversity you have overcome. Life is full of the strangest ironies. I hope you are able to accomplish everything you desire.

WM- Being retired is a job unto itself. Calling SSI, doctors etc. They figure you have nothing else to do except sit on the phone and be told you have a ten minute wait.

Sarcastic Bastard- Back at you my friend.

Ricardo said...

I could see myself going nuts if I retired. Yes, I think I would.

You have to have a very thick skin to work the kind of job you do.

I see many nasty people when I am out dining and I feel so bad for the staff that has to put up with them.

You guys are unsung heros.