Dec 18, 2009

A lovely English word

Shagging!!!!! I am too lazy and tired to google it's origins. I am starting a collection of my favorite Brit words and slang so when I ever get to London I will fit in. Anyone care to tell me how they took got that term and from whence it originated? BTW, I got this idea from
Sarcastic Bastard's
delightful blog. I happen to appreciate many things British, their sense of humor etc. I also like the word Wanker. I shall be using that word quite frequently at work, well, because I can dammit. I also think we should be more inspired to improve our own language with some more interesting words. Just a thought for the day.


the walking man said...

Lori said...

Mark- Thank you very much mate!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Lori. I don't know how "delightful" it is, but you are sweet to say so. Laugh.