Feb 10, 2010


We are now in Blizzard status! What's a girl to do? I feel like a dinosaur who sees the coming of the damn ice age at full speed. This snow shit is scary. Thankfully, it will be moving up north in a day or two and be gone, for the time being. Not that I am wishing this on anyone else, but I just realized that our city is not well-equipped for this weather. My New England friends keep telling me that this is typical weather for them. They can keep it. When you open your door in the am. to let your dog out and he just stands there and gazes back at you and walks away, it's bad. Auggie did a quick outing last night, but he is not budging this morning. Animals are intuitive, so I shall follow suit and stay indoors. Baggy Pants better master the art of shoveling. On the upside, the tenant Robert took advantage yesterday of the weather and shoveled out some people and made some quick, much needed cash. We took him to the grocery store where he spent every penny he made on food. He was rather pleased with himself. Said he made better money shoveling snow than washing dishes.

The free food giveaway was a huge success. Money was falling out of my apron for once and it felt so good to count it at the end of my shift. I was beat up, dirty and tired, but we gave away over 1,000 meals. I, too, took my cash to the grocery store and stocked us up for the storm. People proved me wrong. The money they usually would have spent on their meal, they handed to me. For the most part it went smooth. We did get rather slap happy at the peak time and started throwing pancakes at each other. The line was around the building. An hour and a half wait for a table. So even though I am snowed in, my freezer is full, my tips are in a cup next to my bed, enough made to compensate for a couple bad weather days. I am counting my blessings. I am now the full time provider for a hard headed boy/man. My feet are planted firmly and I am grounded. Kenny would be proud. I am missing him in this white-out. Lucky man, he hated the snow. He could drive his ass off in it, but he still despised it. I have a safe harbor that I have built on my own for me and my son. It ain't much, but it's not bad. Be safe and well.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

A safe harbor is a really good thing to have. I'm so glad you do.

Love you, Lori.

The snow sucketh.

Whitemist said...

One of the reason I hate it here so much, everyone is used to it, but they still do not know how to drive! We are coming to a close on this winter and we may get another couple of snows, but soon, very soon it will be spring!

Lori said...

SB- The snow sucketh more than you know, god I hate it..The biggest irony? Our store is open! The owner refuses to close. Sort of Titanicish in a way..Only our captain is at home in front of his big tv.

Whitemist- Amen to the driving comment! I am learning to curse in every language just for those occasions. Spring seems so far away at the present moment, but it sounds so sweet!