Feb 8, 2010

The Best Day of The Week

This photo is the mountain of snow at my work!

The one and only day off. I don't know if you guys saw the tv. ads but tomorrow we are giving free food away. From 6am-2pm. you can go to Denny's and get your free grand slam. I heard last time we did it the line was around the building. It is at every Denny's. My boss was most inventive during the storm. He sent one of our regular customers out to pick me, two other waitress's, a cook and a dishwasher up. We opened and yes, there were people with cabin fever out and about yesterday. Mr. Jean drives a mail truck to deliver bulk bags from post office to post office around our city. Yesterday, if it were not for him, our store would have closed and I would be $80 lighter in my pocket. So God Bless him. I thank my dad for my work ethic. I was raised that the only excuses for missing work is death and it better be your own. I don't see much of that ethic these days. We have a manager who is phenomenal. His name is Reggie. He got snowed in at the restaurant because the owner told him not to close on Friday. He was there from 6pm Friday til 3pm Saturday after he, and the three employees dug his car out and escaped the store. I was amazed. When I explain these stories to Baggy Pants he just shrugs. He doesn't get it. I felt like saying, "Hey dumbass, I am going out in this blizzard to feed your behind"..He just knows his mother goes to work and there is food and a roof. Are all kids so oblivious? I think alot are. I am going to use this day to run some early am errands, and than take my pajama day. If you want your free meal, arrive early on Tuesday at a Denny's. Be nice to your frazzled waitress. Remember, the food is free, but we only make $3.25 an hour. For those of you in warmer climates...I hate you right now...


the walking man said...

Does 19 degrees count as a warmer climate? Because if you hate me I may just let the next storm bypass us again...DC needs our snow babe, a whole nations worth.

And to be honest the BP's of the generation don't get it yet until they can't find a couple of bucks. But then they DO have discipline enough to go without for awhile, knowing that "some more from somewhere" magic money will appear.

Lou said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow! We are supposed to get our storm mid week here in Michigan.

No problem, I like snow:)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hate the warmer climaters, too. We got 8 inches. I thought of you when I saw the national weather forecast.

Hang in there.

Whitemist said...

This sounds like what some of the diners do around here - sending customers with good cars (or whatever) to pick up workers so they can open, Good luck tomorrow!

Lori said...

WM- OK, thanks smartass..the next storm is now here, 16-20 inches!!!! This shit belongs up north dammit!!!! UP YONDER!!!! You are right re-kids, they do know how to hold out til some more magic money comes along..

Lou- Glad you like the snow..You are welcome to come borrow ours..This is brutal.. I have never seen weather like this in a looonnnnggg time..

SB- And I thought of you as well. I can't believe I am typing this, but dammit, I miss Georgia right now sooo much!!!

Whitemist- Whenever I doubt humanity, I see the good deeds of our fellow neighbors, customers etc. It is comforting that people care. My one neighbor offered to take me to work as well. Hope comes in many guises.